Mission & Value

The Core of Consumer Value

The future of the 21st century consumer oriented distribution industry places maximum value on customers, and this is the responsibility of all corporations that properly implement core competencies by building firm trust with consumers. The future of direct selling also will be able to observe its potential from value creation utilizing direct communication with customers.

To the P.O.I.N.T


MAC&CO is committed to the basics and puts emphasis on core competence aimed at clear goals. Adhering to the 5 core management factors, we will proceed endlessly in creating self-motivated innovation for the rights and interests of member companies and consumers through proper management and flexible business mind.

MAC&CO Sprit

bullet Continuous Improvement

The essence of MAC&CO Spirit is ‘continuous improvement’ based on challenging spirit.
Staying content with the present means retrogression. Instead of staying content with what we have achieved so far, MAC&CO will always challenge for the better and achieve it triumphantly to be trusted by both the consumers and the industry.

bullet Enthusiasm

MAC&CO puts its energy to everything it does.
Consumer damage prevention and indemnification work is the one that we put our energy with enthusiasm. With enthusiasm, nothing is too difficult or too hard in achieving one’s goals.

bullet Pride

MAC&CO is proud of consumer damage prevention and indemnification work it is executing.
With the pride as the leader of the direct selling industry, we carry out our businesses and have achieved a remarkable growth for the past 5 years. With this pride, we will do more for consumers and the industry.

bullet Creativity

One of many things that distinguish MAC&CO from other organizations is creativity.
Creativity refers to the ability for correctly understanding the essence of difficult problems that do not seem to have answers and finding out solutions to them. MAC&CO has solved many problems that the industry thought impossible or difficult and it is expected that such achievements will result in consolidation of the direct selling industry. When the direct selling industry is consolidated, the energy that has been scattered will be centralized and the direct selling industry will form an indispensable part of the distribution industry of Korea.

bullet Leadership

Since its establishment, MAC&CO has led the direct selling industry with its consumer damage prevention business. For the past 5 years, we have held various instructional seminars and research activities for the development of the industry. Especially in 2007, we introduced Preliminary Inspection Program for Door-to-Door Sales, etc. Act to encourage autonomous regulation by the direct selling industry. MAC&CO will continue presenting visions for the direct selling industry so that consumers and the industry can grow together.