This is a guide for the process of mutual aid contract with the MACDS, and registration in a competent city and province.

- Enquire: Mutual Aid Operation Center 02-3498-4924, 4932, 4934

Process of new mutual aid contract and required documents to be submitted

※ The aforementioned mutual aid cap certificate is a document to prove that a company to be engaged in the multi-level marketing business insured indemnities. It is necessary that the company is registered in the competent city or province for the multi-level marketing business after making the mutual aid contract with the MACDS.


Enquire for mutual aid contract : Mutual Aid Operation Center 02-3498-4924, 4932, 4934

Registration of multi-level marketing business and supported door-to-door sales business (competent governor)

  1. (1) Base regulations
  2. [Multi-level marketing operators and supported door-to-door sales operators should be registered in a competent mayor and governor with the documents described in the following in accordance with the provision specified by the Presidential Decree (DDSA Articles 13-1 and 29-3). However, where the main office is based in a foreign country, the documents should be submitted to the Fair Trade Commission (Article 20-1 of the Enforcement Ordinance).
  3. (2) Deadline for processing
  4. Within approximately 7 days after the documents are received by the competent mayor and the governor.
  • Multi-level marketing business
  • Supported DDS Business
  • (3) Registration requirement
    At least 500 million won of real capital MACDS
    (Article 21 of the Enforcement Ordinance)
    Certificate of insurance contract for consumer indemnities
    (Act Article 37-1 (3))

    (4) Document required for application for registering multi-level marketing business
    ① Written application for multi-level marketing business
    ② Document for proving capital scale : Written proof of real
       capital (attach the opening or annual financial statement)
    ③ Mutual aid cap certificate (issued by the MACDS)
    ④ Document concerning calculation of support allowance and
       payment reference (no formal form provided)
       - Type of support allowance and payment reference
       - Type of multi-level distributors, multi-level distributor
         positions and promotion reference
    ⑤ Document describing sales methods including stock
       management and payment of support allowances.
       (no formal form provided)
       - Print and submit details of managing storage, delivery and
         stock management displayed on the program window.
       - Matters concerning the period and deadline reference for
         payment of support allowances.
    ⑥ Documents describing business dates of the company
       - business opening dates, business hours, etc.
    ⑦ Other matters (certificate of incorporation, copy of business
       registration certificate)

  • (3) Registration requirements
    Certificate of insurance agreement for consumer indemnities
    (Act Article 37-1 (3))
    or written confirmation for proving at least 70% sales to final consumers (Article 11-4 of the Enforcement Ordinance)

    (4) Document required for applying for registration of supported DDS business
    ① Written application of registration
    ② Mutual aid cap certificate (issued by the MACDS)
    ③ Document about application support allowances and
       payment reference
    ④ Documents describing the method of sales including stock
       management and support allowance.
    ⑤ Document for business dates of the company
    ⑥ Family relation certificate of executives and controlling
       - Essential for checking reasons for disqualification