Ground for indemnity, guarantee number

Be sure to check the guarantee number for indemnity which is included in the written order or the purchase contract when you buy products or services of the MLM business operators and supported DDS companies. You can also check it on the MACCO website or by phone or smartphone (

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Issued Date Guarantee
Order Amount
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Guarantee Number
Please insert information and click search button.

Using the guarantee number

① Click “Enter company” with your left mouse button-> Enter the company in the newly displayed window ->Click the company in the displayed result.

② Enter 8 digits of the guarantee number. ->Click the button Search.

③ Click the button “Print” in the displayed result to print the guarantee number.

* The guarantee number is indicated where all the entered contents are correct.

* You can enquire the guarantee number within 3 months from the date of issuing the guarantee number from the company where you buy the relevant product.

* You have to install the AcrobatReader program in your computer to print out the guarantee number.
Click here to download the program.

* Enquire: 02-3498-4952, 02-3498-4953