Safety Rules

  • 대학생 피해예방캠페인
  • 노인층 피해예방캠페인

Because of economic depression and poor employment rates, it is not easy for university students to find part time jobs as well as permanent jobs. However, it is expected that even more activities will be made to lure university students who do not have enough social experience to join the multi-level distributers by taking advantage of the aforementioned hard situations. University students should be aware of those activities. In particular, most multi-level marketing companies are illegal companies who do not join the Mutual Aid Cooperative, so that you cannot be compensated for the consumer damages. So, more cautions are needed.

어도비 플래시 플레이어 프로그램은 매크로미디어 관련 저작 도구로 만든 파일(*.swf)을 실행할 수 있습니다. 어도비 플래시는 저작환경이며, 플래시 플레이어는 플래시 파일을 돌리는 데 쓰이는 가상 머신입니다. 본 프로그램과 관련한 기타 자세한 사항은 어도비 공식 홈페이지 (를 참조해주시기 바랍니다.

Major damage types and cases

1. Illegal pyramid companies lie to lure university students. ⇒ Do not be deceived!!!

ㅇ Distributors who work for the pyramid companies are trained to lure friends, schoolmates, or military service mates to their companies. They make a phone call to have an appoint to see their friend.
   - They say they have information about recruitment in a well-known company or they are employed, and lure their friends to the pyramid companies or training houses operated by the pyramid companies.
ㅇ They put recruitment ads or job seeker ads in part-time job sites to recruit students.
   - When students see the recruitment ads and contact a relevant company, they say the students to visit the company to have an interview, then lure the students to take money for subscribing a cell phone or selling a shopping mall.

2. They force the students to stay in the training houses and to have training after they succeeded in lure ⇒ Refuse the proposal and go home!!!

ㅇ In the training houses, senior distributors closely manage the students to be trained in the training center, follow and monitor them from rising till going to bed.
   - The training centers brainwash students by honeyed words, for example, “earn money for yourself for school expenses”, “life-long high income guaranteed, and the like if they are registered as a distributor, by presenting successful cases.

3. The distributors make students ask money from their parents or loan money from loan companies to buy items. ⇒ Say you don’t want it and make a flat refusal!!!

ㅇ Senior distributors stubbornly persuade students to make a loan. If the students refuse to make a loan, the assistant-senior distributors are engaged in using violent languages, attacks or making a threat if the students refuse to make a loan.
   - Students who refuse to buy items are subject to the 1:1 interview process with assistant-senior distributors to continue interviews until the students agree to buy the items.

4. It is made to make a refund for the purchased items. ⇒ Make a record for the situation why refund is not allowed!!!

ㅇ The room heads or senior distributors train the junior distributors who share the training houses about the rule that refund is not allowed.
   - They tactfully disturb refund in a manner that the fellow distributors use or consume the items.

5. They make fellow distributors make a registration as a distributor to purchase more items. ⇒ Purchasing more items is a way how they are trapped in the illegal pyramids!!!

ㅇ They urge students to buy items to promote to a position to receive the support allowances to pay the principal and interest of the loan.
   - They encourage students to get more loans or to lure many friends to purchase the items.
ㅇ Although students continue to purchase items and lure their friends, their income is jut tens of thousand won, not the amount they are told in their training.

6. While the pyramid companies make enormous profits through this process, the students become credit defaulters. ⇒ Do not leave a room for illegal pyramid companies!!!

ㅇ Students are trained by senior distributors in the method by which they are lured and continue to lure their friends.
   - The pressure on students for principal repayment and interest of their loan contributes to repeating the process of inviting new students.
ㅇ Through the process, while the pyramid companies make enormous financial profits, students cannot not pay even the interest and become credit defaulters.

7. Be aware of investment frauds baited with employment!!!

ㅇ Frauds help job seekers who come to have a job interview in an real estate investment company to make a loan in the name of investment, and lure to invest a huge amount of money.

8. Be sure to suspect an invitation to employment which guarantees high incomes!!

ㅇ Frauds guide investment in the name of promoting job seeker’s position which guarantees high return through SNS like Facebook, and Cacaotalk.

9. Be vigilant over acquaintances who approach for providing opportunities of business.

ㅇ Frauds guide to purchase a certain amount of items for the opportunities of business, for example, selling cell phones.

Tips for avoiding damages

1. Check if the relevant company is a registered multi-level marketing company if you are invited to be provided with jobs, for example, “part-time jobs which guarantees high incomes”, “job experiences for using speciality”, and “special employment for military services”.

▶ A registered company can compensate for damages through the Mutual Aid Cooperative, and you can check registration through competent city council or province or the Mutual Aid Cooperative.
(MACDS, Korea Mutual Aid Cooperative for Special Sales

▶ Check sales amount, support allowances, and consumer complaint processing through the ‘open multi-level marketer information’ in advance if it is a registered company.
(Fair Trade Commission, consumer website

▶ A registered company issues a guarantee number or a notice of guarantee number whenever a consumer purchase items.

2. Be sure to say you want withdrawal if you are forced to be trained or live in a training house together. Ask acquaintances or the police of help to escape.

3. Be careful not to use, lose or damage the items you buy as possible.

▶ Consumers can ask withdrawal of subscription in writing within 14 days and distributors subscribed to be a member within 3 months, provided that the value of the relevant product is not significantly reduced. If the relevant company does not make a refund, ask the Mutual Aid Cooperative of consultation for indemnity.

4. Unreasonable amounts of financing like student loans or using credit cards may contribute to being a financial delinquents.

5. Never join unregistered multi-level marketing companies because they are illegal, and report them to the Fair Trade Commission, the police, competent city or province council.

▶ Institution for report (Fair Trade Commission website ( → Report center → Intelligent Crime Investigation Team, Police Agency for reporting unfair transactions (02-3150-2368) and Intelligence Team, Investigation Division, each regional competent police station).