Consumer Service

Consumer Damage of Compensation Process

If the company does not return a appropriate refund within three business days from receiving the request in spite that a distributor or a consumer demanded a refund by canceling the contract, it is regarded as a subject of compensation. In this case, the distributor or the consumer must apply for a deduction to the Mutual Aid Cooperative within one month from cancellation. The compensation will be available within 14 days for consumers and three months for distributors from their verified purchase date.

Required Documents for Application

1. Application for Deductions : Printable at our Website
2. Deduction Confirmation Notice ( or Guarantee Number) : search and print at our Website
3. Invoice, contract or order sheet
4. Proof of Payment (credit card receipt, bank transfer receipt, cash deposit receipt)
5. Product to be returned (new and unused) - Must be resellable (products may be returned to the company)
6. Identification of cancellation, application for refund, etc.
7. List of returning products
8. Bank account to receive the deduction (Under the name of the applicant)
9. Copy of a personal identification card

Required Documents for Application

Major Causes of Damage

1. Advent of New Business Type (Deceptive Compensation Plan-Point Marketing)

Damage occurs from companies' insolvency and failure to make refunds as companies are not able to provide distributors with promised commission of an overbearing magnitude.
Establishing door-to-door sales company → Adopting deceptive compensation plan-Point marketing → Guaranteeing commission fee one and half to two times bigger than the purchase pledge → Doing direct selling business without joining MAC&CO → Not paying promised commission fee, or marketing refund request, closing of business → Outbreak of large damage

2. Suspension/ Cessation amid Economic Recession

Sluggish sales by member companies with inferior competitiveness during economic recession result in voluntary suspension/ closing of business or insolvency making them unable to pay the promised commission fee. 50% of the total damage is resulted from this cause.
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