Indemnification Figures

Before the establishment of the cooperative, consumers and salespeople could receive indemnity through the Deposit for Refund system. However, this system failed to be utilized fully, because it was too difficult to prove damage, and because it required legal proceedings on an individual basis. To resolve this problem, the Consumer Indemnity Insurance System was introduced with the revisions to the DDSA, enabling consumers and salespeople to obtain indemnity as soon as possible and as easily as possible.

Over the 15 years since the establishment of the MAC&CO, 12.8 billion won has been paid out in indemnities, covering 10,102 cases from among 143 companies in total. Fortunately, the number of indemnity cases processed per year has sharply fallen since 2006 levels, suggesting the cooperative’s success in its preventive activities and its ability to clean up the market.

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No. of Companies No. of Indemnificaion Cases Indemnity Amount
143 10,102 12.8 billion won